Wealth Management

Modern day wealth management with all the latest technology advances Wealth management is a tailored service of customised and sophisticated investment management and financial planning. This would closely resemble what a private bank would traditionally offer. In the modern world the independence of a financial planner can effectively assume this role.

Are you getting the traditional family office? Areas typically covered under wealth management are investments, accounting, legal, taxation, trustees, banking and insurance all incorporated within a specialist concierge service.

Who is likely to benefit from wealth management? Anyone who has one or many sources of wealth and needs to understand their position and opportunities for the present and future regarding these in order to preserve their wealth and plan effectively.

What we offer We will work with you and your specialists in order to produce a cohesive plan that will optimise all aspects of your wealth management and preservation. We will support reviews and be proactive managing changes in legislation that could impact on this area.

Why choose us to be part of your wealth management proposition? We are independent and progressive financial advisers who proactively embrace this aspect of financial planning.

What to do now Contact us on 01992 503410 to organise a complimentary meeting with one of our advisers to identify and analyse your wealth management position and opportunities. We can also recommend other specialists to work along side us to assist you in this journey

Please refer to our service proposition for more detailed information or contact us to have a discussion about family offices, wealth management and financial planning.

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