Retirement Planning

What does your retirement look like, or is it Financial Freedom you aspire towards  Whether you are looking to retire today, tomorrow or in 30 years time you need a financial plan and you need to stick to it. A financial adviser will provide you with an objective review of your finances and how they are developing and how to keep on track with the target.

What is retirement? Many peoples understanding of this is 65 years old with a pension. This may be realistic in terms of expectations but the reality could mean old age poverty rather than pension. Being able to retire simply means not having to go to work, by building up assets that pay you income whether you work or not. Your retirement plan may consist of more than just pensions. It could include property, ISA’s and many other types of investments. With the right preparation you may be able to retire sooner than you thought whilst still enjoying life by building assets that provide income.

Who is likely to need retirement Planning? Anyone over school age should start preparing in terms of their long term needs and goals in order to come up with a solution to provide for these. The better the time scale the more realistic and achievable those goals and targets can be.

What we offer? We will look at your current situation and circumstances and listen to your aspirations for the future in the short medium and long term. This will inevitably involve a discussion on how to achieve your goals and whether they need to be modified. The sooner this is started the better and then regular reviews will need to be undertaken to make sure that nothing has changed and the targets are still realisticc and achievable.

Why choose us for your Retirement planning We are independent financial advisers who will look at the complete picture in context with your individual needs and potential to collectively ascertain a realistic retirement plan and a way/ways to achieve this.

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