Protection policies for you and your family to safeguard your finances What is protection in the context of financial advice? There are many aspects to protection such as critical illness cover, life insurance, medical insurance, accident sickness and unemployment  and income protection… these are just naming a few that are on offer. As the titles suggest they are designed to compensate financially for changes in circumstances maybe to do with health or employment that would otherwise cause hardship to couples or individuals who have regular financial commitments to meet. How important is your protection to you? It isn’t very important until you need it. Then it is vital!

Who is likely to need a suitable protection policy? Anyone who is classed as independent and responsible for their own bills and living expenses or who has any type of financial commitment. Circumstances can change for a variety of reasons and most people do not have suitable amounts of contingency funds to maintain their outgoings for longer than a couple of months if that. Having the right level of protection in place not only provides peace of mind but literally changes lives.

What we offer We have access to all providers in this field and the whole spectrum of products relating to every type of protection ranging from insurances for death and illness as well as income protection and the  increasingly popular medical protection.

Why choose us for your Protection needs? As independent financial advisers we can offer advice on a protection strategy to safeguard your family in the event of a change in circumstances. We will work to your needs and budget, some protection is better than no protection.

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