Invoice Discounting & Factoring

Excellent Invoice Discounting & Factoring Services Low on time and looking for an independent broker to source a finance deal that fits your business? We can take on the full research and introduce you to a major finance provider in the UK. We have been in commercial finance for 10 years providing UK SME businesses the funding they require to grow their business.

What is invoice discounting & factoring?

Many of our business clients have benefited from these services over the years 
We can start our research for you at once and allocate a provider to offer you indicative terms. We don’t charge fees to you as our client. Our providers cover our costs in arranging your funding. Speak to us today and we can arrange an introductory meeting to discuss things further. Call us on 01992 503410 “Money today is worth more than it will be tomorrow.” Invoice discounting will let you look after your business and keep a healthy cash-flow. This is Flexible borrowing that can be activated on need. A new alternative to a business overdraft that is more suitable, flexible and reflects the changing needs of your business. Invoice discounting raises money on your current invoices in the short term before they are paid by the customer. The invoice discounting facility is actioned by the bank with them stepping in and funding this initial period before the invoice is settled. Finally the invoice is paid by the customer with the bank taking a percentage charge of the total amount borrowed / raised. These facilities work very well for businesses with customers who have a long waiting period before settling outstanding invoices. For example business that wait 90 or even 120 days.

Who will benefit from Invoice discounting or factoring?
Does your business need any of the following? These are the scenarios where a business may consider using invoice discounting:

What we offer
Confused about how to secure the best financial arrangement to ease your companies cash-flow? Make one call to us, and we speak to the whole market for you. We will secure you the best rates possible and set up the funding system so you can focus on your business. Call now on 01992 503 410.

Why choose us?
We are independent financial advisers who understand the challenges of keeping businesses cash flowing and how this challenge impacts on other areas such as growth and profit margins.

What to do now
Call us on 01992 503410 to arrange a complimentary meeting where we can discuss your company’s needs and explore whether this is a suitable option for your business and analyse the potential benefits it would bring.

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