What types of Investments are there and what are their benefits?
Investing a lump sum seems quite straight forward but on analysis it is complex. There are multiple options that need to be considered. The fundamental purpose behind an investment is to make a profit and the strategy used to achieve this  will vary according to the source, objectives and amount. There are also cash ISAs, Stocks and shares ISAs, pensions and personal portfolios to choose from and in addition the following points will need to be considered:

Your reason for making a start Whether your lump sum is life savings, a windfall, divorce, promotion or you’ve just inherited your aunt’s millions the next step is your objective for the investment.

Objectives Do you require an income now or in the future? Or do you need capital growth over the short, medium or long term from the investment?

Tax position Your current and future tax position will have implications for the investment and the use of professional advice will simplify this so you don’t have to worry about it but are aware and informed.

Attitude to Risk and Capacity for Loss How comfortable are you with watching the value of your money fluctuate and what level of fluctuation are you able to tolerate from a personal as well as a financial point of view?

You investment portfolio Depending on the amount of money you wish to invest a bespoke investment portfolio can be constructed.

Who is likely to need an Investment Portfolio? Everyone it’s that simple – Anyone who has surplus income or a lump sum and who wishes to increase the value of this amount above what could be achieved in a typical cash holding and in excess of the rate of inflation compounded each year.

What we offer We will use our knowledge and expertise in order to analyse your current situation in line with your objectives and long term and short term goals in order to come up with suggestions that we can discuss together and use to collectively create a realistic and achievable financial plan.

Why Choose us? We are experienced and independent Financial Advisers who can look holistically at your current situation in order to improve your understanding and take control of your financial future at a pace that you are comfortable with.

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