Buying and Moving Home

Buying and Moving Home

Buying a new home whether you are a first time buyer or an existing home owner looking to move is where you purchase the rights to a property and / or the land that it sits on. This is paid for by either cash in full (cash buyer) or a combination of cash (deposit) and a mortgage (loan).

What is a mortgage

A mortgage is a lona taken out to buy property or land. The loan is secured aggist the value of the property until it is paid off, this means if someone dos;nt keep up with the payments to their mortgage lender, the lender can repose the property (take back).

underwriting, criteria, credit cores , lots of lenders, documents – all takes time.

Advantages of using a mortgage adviser?

There are many advantages of using a mortgage adviser, the main one is having one contact that literally will deal with everything for you. It takes the burden of having to deal with something yourself that you may be doing for the first time or this could be the second or third move. Expect it was years ago and you have forgotten the process completely.

  • Time – Running your own mortgage research would take a serious time and effort
  • Research – Mortgage brokers have extensive research capabilities with software and ongoing notes.
  • Experience – It is impossible for a person to compete with the working experience that a mortgage broker would have.
  • Money – Great mortgage advice will save you money, unlocking the best rates and products for you.
  • Access – One contact that has access to the whole market

How we can help

As independent mortgage advisers we can help our clients by removing all the hard work associated with arranging the mortgage, we will even give you a recommendation of the best lender that suits you and your situation.

Included in our mortgage broking service for clients is that all the work relating to the mortgage process, we can take you from your initial enquiry all the way to the completion of your property purchase.

We like to be a contact that our clients can speak to about anything related to their purchase, to get a second opinion – this is helpful as we have years of experience dealing with the house buying process.

Our Mortgage Brokerage Service covers the full house buying process including the mortgage advice itself.