DIY Investors

DIY Investors

What is (Do-It-Yourself )Investing

Private investing is a method or strategy of investing where the individual investor (retail investor) researches, choices, builds and manages their own portfolio.

Research tools / Tax tools and other planning matters / DIY tipping point / build a team / discount brokers  / online investment tools and platforms and robo advisor models included.

Advised vs DIY

more larger funds, substantial asset mix, slower and less trading volumes / higher-quality research and analysis with professional advised

Smaller holdings, often narrow asset mix, quicker and higher trading volumes, limited research with no professional advice

Robo Advisors

automate portfolios with a strategy built on modern portfolio theory. low fees and use MPT. low cost index funds. 

Advantages of private investing?

control – independence to make their own investment decisions on their own time, and according to their own values / lower fees

Disadvantages of private investing?

responsibility – ON their own with a learning curve may be steep / defence – less protection on down sides / research – monitoring with limited resources / knowledge – professional advice and advisory services. Advisers – services such as insurance, estate planning, accounting services, and lines of credit, either themselves or via a referral network.

My comments…

“This topic for me is a very interesting one, I have clients (the majority) that I look after on an advisory basis, as you would expect. But I also look after some clients who run their own investment portfolios and leave me to what you might call the auxiliary work that a financial planner should deal with (tax, trusts and cashflow modelling etc).

What I have seen, over the years… is one significant issue arising! Many times! That issue is “Defence”!

Defending the downside is huge and area not often mentioned in this space. Now I have found over the years is that Great manages are Great and they can beat markets. But it is not just about outperformance, the defence strategy, algorithms and mechanisms employed by successful investment manages and investment houses can make all the difference – literally!

I also feel that good advisers can add so much more value to clients – see it as having someone on your team, who happens to speak to say 100 other clients where experience and ideas can come from and be shared, who also spends their time researching, and communication to the worlds leading investment managers – the final outcome is hard to beat, looking at the larger picture”

How we can help

IPS, low cost hybrid model between self investing but includes some financial advice. Lower costs, more basic investment function with no financial planning.

Our full FPS is suited for DIY’ers that want the full financial planning base covered, while they run dn operate their portfolio.