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What is financial planning for business owners

Personal financial planning for business owners, covers the actual individual affairs for the director themselves, looking after them personally and their family.

It is so common for an self employed person to blast off into the future – creating, building, running and expanding business – without considering their personal position and their family position.

This is not to be confused with “financial advice for businesses” which focuses son the business entity itself and often its employees. This is personal and needs to be administered, correctly! 

Why financial plan business owners;

When we sit don with business owners, often a similar scenario will play out in the initial discussions. And that is the lack of effort put into their personal finances compared to the energy that goes into the business.

When business owners answer the questions, what is it all for. Thats when personal financial planning comes into the forefront of attention.

Looking after business owners and their families finances is essential.

Advantages for business owners?;

When business owners take the time to get their person admin in order, the feedback is unanimous as far as we have experienced. A sense of relief, but it sets them up to push on, knowing that they have all the areas covered from a personal finance point of view.

Just stopping, taking a breath so to speak and planning. Makes all the difference. 

Our clients in business will tend to have more complex finances and also more options when it comes to building personal wealth and tax efficiency. With the integration os cashflow planning, that provides a view into future, plans can be made. 

Many business owners we look after simply do not spend enough time considering themselves and their families future. Having a financial planner takes care of the essentials.

How we can help

Our planners will take the time to sit down with business owners and run through a checklist of essential elements that should be in place for the individual and his or hers family.

These areas include protection, financial planning & tax, investment management, wealth creation. Our financial planning software will produce a cashflow model, which objectively will track for personal finances.

A business owners legacy often forms the major ambition for their success, so planning financial in the background is what we take care of. From the basic forms of protection all the way to preparing the family for financial freedom, and then onto wealth diverging into family business of investing (What some would refer to as “old money”.

We can provide the modern equivalent of a family office for our clients.

Therefore, we can work with business owners and their advisers to plan, structure, tax efficiently  keep them on track – making their money working for them.

Looking after the business itself

We also provide services for the business and employees itself, such as shareholder protection relevant life insurance, key person protection and other employee benefit arrangements. This page is focussed on looking after directors personally.

Investing for the business, please have a look at our Corporate Investing page.

“Running cashflow models with our financial planning process gives me the opportunity to show directors how much they have built up already and what that picture might look like in future. The kick out from there can often be that they agree they spend far too much time at work because they feel they need to keep pushing, rather than planning time out to do whatever they want, or their family wants outside of working.

Time vs Money becomes a huge driver when we spend time planning with directors”

Ben Whatnall, Independent Financial Planner