Equity Release

You can usually apply if you're 55 or over and a home owner.

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Why Equity Release?

Equity release

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering:

  • Pay off an existing mortgage, loan or debts.
  • Generate income to supplement pension / retirement income.
  • Holidays, purchase a new car or home improvements
  • Inheritance tax mitigation and planning.

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Equity Release, Lifetime & Retirement Mortgages from a our local adviser. Deal with a professional Independent Financial Adviser.

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Sandra Antoniou our expert at Fortuna Financial Planning is here to help, please fill in the web form to speak to Sandra. You can arrange a FREE consultation to discuss your requirements. We have helped hundreds of clients over the years.

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We are Independent Financial Advisers, established in 2005, Offices in London & Hertford. Covering the clients in the United Kingdom, providing financial advice in all areas of financial services including investments, retirement planning, protection, estate planning, mortgages, wills, trusts & tax advice.

Frequently asked questions

A product that enables older people (over 55s) to raise capital or income from their property while continuing to occupy their homes for the rest of their lives or until they go into full time care. It is a type of mortgage for older or retired people and is an FCA regulated product. There are many different variations designed to meet the individual needs of those raising the funds with loans starting as low as £10,000. The loans can be interest only with payments being made or rolled up over the lifetime of the debt. Interest rates will vary according to the amount of funds borrowed and can be fixed for life. There are many well known lenders to choose the most suitable product from depending on all the circumstances that will be discussed with your adviser.

This is the residual wealth of a property owner that is tied up in their property. So the market value less any monies due to others secured on it.

We are independent financial advisers holding the qualification from the Chartered Insurance Institute for advice in equity release. We are members of The Equity Release Club allowing us to source products from The Whole Market whilst benefitting from access to lower interest rates and enhanced packages for our clients.

There are a number of reasons why people may wish to do this, here are a few:

  • Pay off an existing mortgage, loan or debts secured on the property.
  • To generate income to supplement pension/retirement income.
  • To raise capital to go on holidays, purchase a new car, home improvements etc.
  • Inheritance tax mitigation. Benefitting from funds now and reducing inheritance tax bill for family in the future by decreasing the residual value of an estate.
  • Helping family members now from value tied up within a property.

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What our customers say

How Equity Release helped Adrian

Decided to look into equity release on my home to raise capital and carry out an extension. I knew Ben a long time and he passed the details of Sandra who sat with me and discussed my options and went off to crunch the numbers. Sandra helped raise the equity release on my home with the great solicitors, then everything was signed, sealed & delivered. Home improvements complete, no overdraft concerns. As you will see the importance of the team makes all the difference between success and failure.

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Calculate and get professional advice today, speak to Sandra today to answer any questions you have and arrange a free consultation at your family home to discuss your needs. Find out all the information you need when making the decision to release equity from your home. She will support you throughout the process and be available to explain the steps and make your experience as comfortable and simple as possible.

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